Adjuvant! On line: Mind the gap!!

Rodrigo Kraft Rovere, Giuliano Dos Santos Borges, Marcos Cesar Staak Junior, Paulo Henrique Colchon, Jorge Roberto Rebello


This study’s objective was to compare the actual outcome and prognosis estimated by the program Adjuvant! Online for breast cancer in Itajaí (SC). It is a retrospective cohort study, post-hoc analysis, in which 214 patients of three institutions were compared in real overall survival (OS) and disease-free survival (DFS) during a 3-year follow-up, and estimated OS and DFS with the programme for 10 years by Adjuvant! Online, using the variables age, clinical stage, histological grade, lymph node involvement, immunohistochemical subtype and type of adjuvant therapy used. The DFS and OS rates in the sample observed and estimated programme demonstrated correspondence, with the curves trailing beneath the same pattern, due to shorter “real” follow-up (3 versus 10 years). The only group that demonstrated a marked decline in DFS in relation to the real prognosis was that of patients younger than 40 years.

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Breast Cancer, Survival Analysis, Adjuvant! Online.

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