Long non-coding RNA signature in cervical cancer

Soudeh Ghafouri-Fard, Mohammad Taheri


Background: Cervical cancer as a common urogenital cancer among women has caused significant health problems. Efforts have been made to identify its pathogenic process in order to find targeted therapies. Lon non-coding RNAs have been shown to regulate several cancer-related pathways and genes to contribute to the pathogenesis of malignancies including cervical cancer. In this systematic review we searched PubMed, a Google scholar, Web of Science and Scopus databases with the key words "cervical cancer" or "cervical neoplasm" AND "long non-coding RNA" or "lncRNA" (up to December 2017). A total of 64 articles included in the study.

Aim: To elaborate the role of lncRNAs in cervical cancer

Conclusions: Pathway-based analysis showed that several lncRNAs modulate PI3K / Akt / mTOR, Wnt-β catenin and Notch pathways in the process of cervical cancer pathogenesis. In addition, expression of a handful of lncRNAs has been associated with human papilloma virus infection. The identification of lncRNAs that alter cancer-related signaling pathways and subsequent expression analysis of these lncRNAs in patients' samples would help to design effective targeted therapies.

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