Expression analysis of OIP5-AS1 in non-small cell lung cancer

Soudeh Ghafouri-Fard, Farbod Esfandi, Vahid Kholghi Oskooei, Fatemeh Taheri, Arda Kiani, Mohammad Taheri


Background: Lung cancer as the most fatal cancer of men has prompted researchers to find biomarkers for early detection and prognosis. Among the possible biomarkers are a group of non-coding transcripts with sizes more than 200 nucleotides called long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs).

Aims: In the present study, we evaluated the expression levels of the lncRNA OIP5 antisense RNA 1 (OIP5-AS1) in 32 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) samples compared with their corresponding adjacent non-cancerous tissue (ANCTs) by means of real-time PCR.

Results: OIP5-AS expression levels was significantly decreased in tumoral tissues compared with ANCTs. However, no association was found between relative expression of OIP5-AS1 and clinicopathological data of patients.

Conclusions: This lncRNA is possibly a novel biomarker of NSCLC in Iranian patients. However, future studies are needed to confirm the results of our study in larger sample sizes.

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