Epidemiology of Plasma Cell Leukemia in the Czech Republic

Jiri Jarkovsky, Michaela Zapletalova, Denisa Krejci, Jan Muzik, Ladislav Dusek, Ludek Pour



Background: Plasma cell leukemia (PCL) is a rare but most aggressive form of monoclonal gammopathies characterized by presence of circulating plasma cells in peripheral blood. This work brings the first information on PCL epidemiology in the Czech population. Materials and methods: The Czech National Cancer Registry (CNCR) is the basic source of data for the population-based evaluation of PCL epidemiology. Results: According to CNCR data, there were in average 6 newly diagnosed PCL patients and 4 people die of PCL each year in the Czech Republic in the period 2000–2015);Its incidence was reported at 0.57 per million 2000–2015.  Conclusion: The available data make it possible to analyze epidemiological situation of PCL in the Czech Republic.

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plasma cell leukemia, epidemiology, Czech National Cancer Registry (CNCR), Czech Republic

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