The role of radiotherapy in skull metastasis of thyroid follicular carcinoma

Yasemin Cihan, Ali Koc, Turgut Tokmak


Bone metastasis is seen by 2.3-12.7% in thyroid follicular carcinoma (TMC). Bone metastasis rarely occurs in the skull. A 51-year-old female patient was operated due a mass in the scalp. The histopathological examination was reported as the metastasis of follicular thyroid carcinoma. The patient underwent total bilateral thyroidectomy. All body I-131 scintigraphy revealed diffuse activity involvement in the thyroid gland, and lung and bone (skull, sacrum, right acetabulum) metastasis. The patient was scheduled for radioactive iodine therapy. Total / near total thyroidectomy and metastasectomy should be the treatment of choice in skull metastasis. Postoperative radioactive iodine and radiotherapy should be offered. Radiotherapy should be reserved for the inop and residual tumor cases.

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thyroid follicular carcinoma, radiotherapy, skull metastasis

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