Long-term follow up of a patient of primary cervical spinal cord meningeal melanocytoma: case report and literature review

Gautam Dutta, Deepashu Sachdeva, Daljit Singh, Ravindra Saran, Vikrant Setia, Pravin Borde, Atul Agrawal


Primary melanoma of the spinal cord is a rare entity and less is known about the best management strategy and Its recurrent behavior. It is thought That average life expectancy of primary CNS melanoma is Approximately seven years after surgery and radiotherapy. There is Currently no study in the literature Regarding long-term follow-up of any primary melanoma spinal ASSESS that the pattern of recurrence and Further management of recurrent droughts cases. In this article, we report a case of meningeal melanocytoma Originating from the cervical spinal cord meninges WHO Survived More than 11 years after gross total excision Followed by recurrence after that. The patient underwent a re-do surgery with a favorable outcome.

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Central nervous system; Primary spinal melanoma; Melanocytoma; Cervical spinal cord

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Cesk Slov Neurol N 2017; 80/113