Alternate forms parallel to the Czech versions of Auditory Verbal Learning Test, Complex Figure Test and Verbal Fluency

Martin Paštrnák, Kateřina Šulcová, Aneta Dorazilová, Mabel Rodriguez


Objective: This study evaluates the equivalence of alternate forms to three frequently used neuropsychological test methods in their Czech versions, i.e. the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT), the Complex Figure Test (CFT) and letter and categorical verbal fluency (VF).
Method: In a within-subject design, fifty-nine healthy volunteers were assessed using the original test forms and their proposed alternate forms, first at the baseline and then after three months. The performance of the original and alternate forms of the tests were subjected to the T-test and U-test for paired samples based on the normality of distribution.
Results: There was no significant mean difference between the original and alternate forms of the RAVLT test. In the CFT, the Taylor figure scores were higher than the original Rey figure scores, suggesting that the figures are not equal in difficulty. In the letter VF, the newly proposed “BTL” set was found to be more difficult than the original “NKP”. For the categorical VF, the category of “given names” can be considered as an alternative form to the “animals” category.
Conclusions: The RAVLT alternative forms 1 and 2 introduced in Neuropsychologicka baterie PCP are equivalent to the original RAVLT. The “BTL” VF set and Taylor Figure were found to be not equivalent to their original test forms “NKP” and Rey-Osterrieth Figure. “Given names” may be a good alternate form to the “animals” category in VF. The study contributes with normative data for the original test forms for a specific demographic sample. 


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Cognition, Neuropsychological Tests, Task Performance and Analysis, Visual Perception, Executive Function, Verbal Learning

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Cesk Slov Neurol N 2017; 80/113